push.pull spectrum

pulse synth harmonics . phase (un) locked loops

The push.pull pedal is a synth effect based upon the PLL (Phase Locked Loop) IC, in which the PLL has been “unlocked” and let loose through 16 knobs, a joystick, switches, and a light controlled filter. It is hard to describe the sounds I have already heard: distorted, glitchy, fuzz, bass synth, drone, full of clicks, 8 bit, and erratic synthetic hyperdrive.


16 knobs

1 Joysick contolling four oscillators

Ocsillators intertwined in the PLL circuitry

Spectrum Controlled light modulation and filters

Filter section added

Voltage Starve

PLL Voltage Starve Oscillator

Octave divider

Strong Preamp

4 switches adding longer capacitator times and alternate routing of resistors

Mixing section for oscillators

Bright blue led pulses with PLL

Self-Oscillate Mode


Surface constructed from recycled circuit board.


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