the dep2a

the DEP2A is a digital delay and pitch shifter by Gijs Gieskes of the Netherlands. his creations are unique, beautiful circuit board structures that defy enclosures. a gorgeous piece of circuitry, the most unique part of his delay is how it will hold the incoming sample segment infinitely until it is triggered again, creating stuttering complexities and glitches.

i mounted mine on the outside of the enclosure, and added three knobs and three switches to expand the circuit. the knobs add glitchy distortion, more tweakability in the sample rate/divide (with a switch to toggle it on), and a blend between normal and reverse modes. there are two switches that mute the mix input for 100% wet signal (always on for me!) and mute the incoming input for incoming audio for infinite fun.

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  1. –≠thee. says:

    …wow, Really!? –≠this.. is.. amazing.. :”D
    –≠this whole-entire website is pure-brilliance!!
    I am designing a pitch shifter/harmonizer unit for my voice
    ..I plan to combine a few different modules i create together to make a “dream-unit”
    –≠if you ever wish to share your ideas, tips, trades or skills,
    —±i would have more then open-ears to listen!! :”)
    . : . thank-you for posting your designs & builds, they are simply breath-taking brother:]
    -thee_aldeen –≠2πø∞

  2. –≠thee. says:

    –≠Whollly-cow your setup & mix on YouTube was beautiful:*) ❤

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