Looked for one for years. Found it randomly on clearance: 2 dollars, no cents. Wow.


This will never work… Here’s an open letter to MATTEL:

To Mattel and the makers of the Ucreate Music,

What this device can do is pretty amazing. It has limitations, but essentially you have created a sound mangling device that, in all its lo-fi deliciousness, is fun and engaging for musicians to play with and use as an audio effect. The effects section goes deeper than what I would expect from any kids toy. It reminds me of the Casio SK-1, in that it was an innovative sampling tool with potential, and clearly made its mark after production. I know you have discontinued the software support for this product and stopped producing the Ucreate, and that’s fine. There are really good ideas within the concept, and I publicly plead with you to consider them for a future, more advanced product design.

Here we go!

KEEP: 2 Loop Mangling Effects, Delay. Further enhance & deepen Filter, Phaser, Flanger
LOSE: Distortion, Tremolo Pulse
ADD: Pitch change, robot effects, glitch

KEEP: Sampling, Looping, uploading loops
LOSE: Preloaded samples, make all banks for samples, disable restrictions on file format.
ADD: 4 More Sample A/B banks

KEEP: Record button, hold button, mic/line button
REPLACE: Tempo up/down with sweepable knob, move volume knob to top, change joystick bulb to joystick?

KEEP: 1/8″ stereo jacks will do, most musicians will want ¼”

Go aluminum.

We need to chat, Mattel.


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