Live improvised electronica from our live sets @ Insanitea in August. We played along to some science filmstrips from the 70’s/80’s and even processed some audio. Our friend Steve Peckman joined us on wind instruments, although our recording doesn’t capture him because he was plugged into a different PA. What you will hear from Peckman are some select moments where he is being processed and playing wind synth. Anyway, since you couldn’t make it, maybe you can join us by pressing play.

set one

set two

I really hope you like it!
Let us know if you do!


About coloringpad

where was i? leaman has had his ear on a speaker since the art of noise came through his plastic shack radio, tuning in static and pops and clicks and thumps until he found and then dove headfirst, smiling, into electronica. rave. the repetitive beat led him to be a (rather unsuccessful) dj named puppy who spun belgian and german minimalist ambient and tecno. a miracle accordion repairman blessed him with a roland tr808 and he realized that he could make this thing called music, so he bought 12 guitar pedals and started reinventing the song that never sleeps. another miracle gave him salisbury, bertaccini and agelasto in a band that could not be named, but could consider the hum of a speaker a song. as radiate sky,he became a man made entirely of audio cords and instruction manuals and things that need electricity to make sounds. he misses improvising at the underpass and the dancing goat, where he found the people that make that thing over there and aether generator, and so here we are. where am i? leaman is not a musician... he is a fingerpainter with audio weapons. feedback loops and bitcrushers and pedals and things with lots of knobs and buttons and switches and sliders. currently working on two albums (as coloringpad and with aether generator) and making pedals and trying to find you.

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  1. Zach says:


    I recently discovered your devices thanks to a post on an electronic music production forum. I’m sure you’ve been asked this question many times, but would you be willing to make a device for someone willing to pay?

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