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  1. €ea says:

    Love this particular piece, thank you for such a timeless creation.

    I found you on Soundcloud, then came to your website, thrilled I can download the album. Unfortunately the download fails after about 6 or 7MB’s. I’ve tried it 4 or 5 times. I am €ea on Soundcloud. Can’t give you a donation at the moment, but will certainly air your music on my live show Terra Incognita on KHNS-FM. Haven’t heard the rest of this album, but adore where the music takes me with this piece. I have a Mac computer, using OS 10.9.5 if that can be useful. Don’t usually have problems downloading zip files, either, so any insight from you would be most welcome.

    Namasté, €ea

    • coloringpad says:

      First off, I am flattered.Thank you.

      Second, I had no idea the downloads weren’t working! I wonder how many people tried and just gave up before you told me. Crap. Anyway, email me and I will send you (and anyone else) a Dropbox link to the songs and other creations if you wish: coloringpad@gmail.com

      Third, I will do my best to fix the links. My apologies. Was this my links or 2419 records? I will try to root out the problem.

      • €ea says:

        Hey, thanks for writing, and so quickly, too. I generally feel music deeply in layers, and your song really got through to me. When I feel that zing, I have to delve more deeply into the source.

        I’m glad I helped by writing about the technical trouble. Hopefully not everyone had my difficulties, it’s hard to know. It occurred on your coloringpad website, where you show the playlist for Ghetto Plasma Blaster, and have the download link.

        I just peeked at the rest of your website (so many choices!), and look forward to exploring your work further in the near future.

        I’d appreciate that dropbox link by the way, no hurry, whenever you can get around to it.

        Many thanks, €ea

      • coloringpad says:

        æther generator : 20 songs (10 from Ghetto Plasma Blaster)


        4 electronica mixes lovingly crafted by your truly : are you getting this transmission?


        and last but most exciting (to me)… my new solo album (still finalizing) which will be this gigantic mix I am posting as well as all the tracks individually. I am Flight Manual : I really hope you like it.


        Keep me posted, email me @ coloringpad@gmail.com


      • €ea says:

        Hello again.

        I couldn’t be happier. Such a massive, generous gift, thank you so much. Noticed you made the songs 256 kbps, as well, nice. Haven’t used dropbox much, but it works great. In time I plan to listen to them all. I will stay in touch, and will do my best to let you know when I play them on air, as well. You’ve given us all such a treat. May you continue on your excellent creative voyage with great abundance…

        Warmly, €ea

      • €ea says:

        Hello again.

        Aw, shucks. I saved the “most exciting” of your links to download today, the last, most recent link of your work. I had time tonight to download it, but the link never took me to Dropbox. It put me onto a blank page. I tried it over and over again. The other two links worked great, as I described in my earlier letter. So take your time, and when you think you have it solved, let me know, and I’ll be sure to give it another try. Meanwhile, I’ve got a whole host of your gems to listen to, so I’m not in any hurry.

        I forgot to mention that I first heard 888 stone steps to the top on SomaFM. I saw Rusty’s logo on your website, thought you might wish to know. Used to subscribe to Soma, too, until a cost of living increase put my meager budget into a tailspin.

        So thanks, you two geniuses. Keep up your amazing collaborations!


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