Affect/Effect : Pedals as Instruments


I humbly submit this page dedicated to posting and documenting the art and discoveries of using pedals almost exclusively to create music, or pseudo-oceans of stars, or just plain noise. There are many forms and levels of this sub sub sub genre of electronic music, so I guess I’ll attempt to cover what fits where and what fits here.

Edit: Page is just underway… feel free to email links to me, including your own, that belong here. If you are a pedal or noise artist, send me a link too!


Just Pedals

Self-Oscillation: Pedals creating oscillations through their own extreme settings.


Feedback Loops: Pedals fed into themselves to create sonic bleats and pulses.


Pedal Overload: What happens when you put a signal chain together of twelve delays? Only good things.


Just Pedals*

Internal Tones: Pedals that have internal tones, oscillators and drones.


Infinite Loop: Freeze pedals and such that start from some place and are affected by the effected or the opposite.


Pedals in Experimental States: Touching the Edge of Instrumentation here: touching and tapping cables.


The Edge of Instruments

From One Tone: Shaping single drones that are otherwise left in infinite states.


Drones and Pedals: Like peanut butter and jelly, man.


Toys & Noise: Things that glitch partnered with effects.


I’ll just leave this here: Musicians focusing on their effects almost exclusively, leaving guitars feeding back in front of speakers and taping down keys on their Casio. 


No Instruments (Hey, it’s noise. I like noise)

Feedback: Just mics and speakers: shapers of noise, pendulums swinging in rhythms.


No-Input Mixing: Mixers in feedback paths, some with internal effects.


On Noise

Videos on the art of noise.

(a personal favorite)


Videos by the Art of Noise.


Affect/Effect Artist Links

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